** In 2018, all applications to The Beim Foundation will be by invitation only.  Unsolicited applications will not be considered. **

The Beim Foundation supports grants in the areas of arts, education, environment and human services.

Grantmaking Programs and Guidelines

The Beim Foundation makes grants through the Minnesota Legacy Program and the Regional Grant Program.

Minnesota Legacy Program

The Beim Foundation’s Minnesota Legacy program honors its founder, Nels Christian Beim, an immigrant from Norway who believed education was the key to survival and advancement. The Minnesota Legacy Program invites proposals for programs or projects that develop independence for vulnerable populations as outlined below:

Financial self-sufficiency for vulnerable populations

  1. Programs or projects that include elements of financial literacy education, understanding the skills of entrepreneurship and other mechanisms, such as child care, that lead to economic self-sufficiency for the following populations:
  • Minorities
  • Youth transitioning to to adulthood from foster care
  • Recent immigrants
  1. Programs or projects that provide job training and language development skills for recent immigrants.

Mental health services for children

Programs that provide mental health services to children in the following contexts:

  1. Children who are aging out of the foster care system and into adulthood who need mental health services
  2. Children who have been victims of abuse and require mental health care
  3. Children with developmental disabilities who need mental health intervention

In 2018, unsolicited applications for this giving program will not be considered.

Application Procedures

Regional Grant Program

Through the Regional Grant Program, the Foundation invites proposals for consideration.  Unsolicited applications for this giving program will not be considered.

Application Procedures

The Beim Foundation does not support the following -

  • Individuals
  • Private foundations
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • Religious organizations, including schools, except for secular human activities
  • Organizations that have as a substantial part of their purpose, the influencing of legislation
  • Memberships, subscriptions, tickets for benefits, conferences, fundraising events, annual campaigns
  • Endowment

Grantmaking Philosophy
In all of its grantmaking, the Foundation supports projects that are strengths-based, focus on prevention, and apply common sense solutions to community needs. The Foundation favors innovative approaches that are participant designed, leverage community resources, and have a ripple effect in the community.