The Beim Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does The Beim Foundation support?

Through the Minnesota Legacy Program, The Beim Foundation supports education and skill-building for new immigrants and vulnerable populations as the gateway to self-sufficiency and personal success. Through the Regional Grant Program, The Beim Foundation also supports arts, education, environment, and human service programs in some counties of California, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana and Washington State, through an invitation only process.

Will The Beim Foundation accept unsolicited proposals in arts, environment and human services?

No, The Beim Foundation will not accept unsolicited proposals (see guidelines and application procedures for more information)

Where does The Beim Foundation make its grants?

The Beim Foundation invites proposals from Minnesota through the Minnesota Legacy Program.

The Beim Foundation invites proposals in the areas of arts, education, environment and human services from specific counties in California, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana and Washington.

How much money should my organization request?

That is up to you based on your project. The Beim Foundation can't answer this question in a specific way because projects vary.

I live in one of the funding communities outside Minnesota. Is there a local Director I could talk to about my needs?

Please begin by emailing or phoning the foundation office in Minneapolis. Directors may or may not be available to answer your questions, but the consultant in Minneapolis can handle most of them.

How can we make a presentation to the Board or consultant?

If the Foundation is interested in learning more about your organization, the Foundation will contact you.

How do we know if you decide to fund us or not?

A letter with check is sent within six weeks of our spring and fall board meetings to those organizations that are funded. A letter of notification is sent within six weeks of our the board meetings to organizations we cannot fund. See Application Procedures for more information.

If you fund us one year, can we count on receiving funding in future years?

Funding decisions are made each year. We do not commit to multi-year projects. 

Why did you choose rosemaling as a visual image? Who created the rosemaling for the website?

Rosemaling is a Norwegian art form. Thus it symbolizes the heritage of The Beim family. The specific image used was created by Lois Mueller of Nordic Designs.

What does the Minnesota Council on Foundations logo on the bottom of the home page refer to?

The logo indicates that the Beim Foundation subscribes to the Minnesota Council on Foundations' commitment to excellence by adopting the Principles for Grantmakers.  For further information, please see

I have questions not answered here or anywhere on your website. How can I contact you?

Please email us at or call 612-825-1404.